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Hardware requirements for Ob-serve Invoicer

To run the Ob-serve Invoicer system, your computer needs:

  • Microsoft Windows* or Apple Macintosh OSX**
  • Any processor & RAM meeting minimum system requirements for the operating system
  • Minimum 20Mb free hard disk space
  • A suitable backup device with cheap media for separate archived backups (e.g. CD writer or USB flash drives)

NB. These requirements also apply if you intend to integrate Ob-serve Invoicer with either Ob-serve Retailer or Ob-serve Pharmacist.

* All versions of 32 & 64-bit Windows.

** Ob-serve Invoicer can be run on suitable Intel based machines running OSX by using either free or commercial software that replicates the required elements of the Windows environment.

For larger businesses, Ob-serve Invoicer can also be operated as a multi-user networked system. Please contact Ob-serve if you are unsure of whether your computer systems are suitable.


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