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Integrating Invoicer with Retailer or Pharmacist

Ob-serve Invoicer is designed to help you keep track of your credit account customers. It can be used stand-alone as an admin tool to produce invoices and statements, and to record settlements. Alternatively Invoicer can be used in combination with either Ob-serve Retailer or Ob-serve Pharmacist as an integrated accounts solution for any business.

The Retailer and Pharmacist products are easy-to-use, and offer a range of accounting functions for the independent retailer. When combined with Invoicer, they can be used to produce full accounts for any type of business, not just retail. Invoices and receipts recorded in Invoicer will be reflected automatically in your overall accounts for VAT and accounting purposes.

Don't forget our special deal for users purchasing Retailer or Pharmacist at the same time as Invoicer. See the Invoicer price list for detail.


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