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Training on your Ob-serve Pharmacist System

What is the Training Service?

To help new and existing users get the most from their Ob-serve Pharmacist system, we offer a training service. Training is normally carried out at your business or home and usually lasts a whole day.

New users benefit in the following ways:

  • The system is installed for you on your computer.
  • It is set-up fully and correctly for your particular business, including entering startup balances.
  • You are shown how to move around the system and use each section.
  • We help you complete a whole month’s accounts on your system, training you on each stage.
  • You are shown how to back-up the system and ensure its security.
  • You get a head-start on Pharmacist because you can use it straight away to run your business.
  • Our trainers speak plain English, without the use of jargon or technical terms.
  • Helping customers who are less computer-literate is our speciality!

Existing users would have tailored training to meet their needs; are you making the most of the features below? This list is just a selection of the possible topics you might want to cover.

  • Automating payments through a buying group or clearing house.
  • Analysing your profitability by department or Profit Centre.
  • Using True NHS figures to work out your actual profitability each month.
  • Setting up balances for fixed assets shown on your balance sheet.
  • How to balance your cash successfully.
  • Ensuring the security of your system and its data.
  • Training new staff how to use Ob-serve.

Of course, we are happy to show you any other features of Ob-serve Pharmacist, and help you streamline your accounting procedures for less effort each month. It may also be helpful to make use of this service when the business changes accounting procedures - e.g. if a sole trader becomes a limited company.

Not every new customer makes use of the training service, but because of the head-start it gives you, we find those who do get more out of the system at an earlier stage.

How much does it cost?

A full day's training is available for just £350+VAT excluding travel.

Can I get funding for this training?

The availability of funding to cover your training or other IT set-up costs may depend on your location, but details of every grant and development loan available in the UK is available on the website You can search by postcode for a detailed list; in many areas applicable funds are available.

How do I make a booking?

Simply contact Ob-serve to arrange a mutually convenient training date, and discuss travel details. We will provide a booking form for you to fill in, sign and return it to us. This confirms your booking.

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